Structural Engineering


Our team of structural engineers is involved in the design of any kind of building and industrial construction from concept to completion. During the years we have accumulated vast knowledge in the field which gives us the ability to combine our expertise in static and dynamic analysis of structures with our know-how of material behaviour in different environments and the newest construction technology, which results in unique projects that can satisfy the clients’ requirements and budget restrictions.

As a result of operating in Romania which is a seismic country, our main focus is on earthquake engineering. We have been studying the interaction of structures with the shaking ground and engaged in understanding the constructions’ behaviour to significant earthquakes in relation to the ground type and system parameters.

The expertise we gained is empowered by the usage of the latest softwares in the field of structural engineering. The advanced technology allows us to analyse and design complex geometry structures, make an accurate prediction of the constructions’ performance in reality, early identify structures’ key-points and minimize the duration of the design projects. Our team understands the importance of a strong collaboration between the parties involved in a construction project and therefore we deliver clear and complete documentation.

Civil engineering is a continuously evolving field and because being up to date with the latest innovations is critical, we stay connected with engineers around the world, as well as with the academic staff from the Technical University of Constructions Bucharest.

Civil constructions:

  • residential buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • office buildings
  • administrative buildings
  • social-cultural buildings
  • sport halls

Industrial constructions:

  • one story warehouses with or without sliding bridges
  • multi-story warehouses with or without sliding bridges
  • silos
  • bunkers
  • tanks
  • trestles
  • structures for technological equipments

Our firm also performs structural design works (consolidation, verification and technical expertises) for historical monuments.

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